The Ultimate Guide: 8 Essential Fashion Week Exhibitor Tips

September 20, 2023

Focus on your best sellers
This might seem like an obvious tip, but fashion marketers are often tempted to hop on new trends or new styles they have coming out. While these can be successful strategies, as well, never forget who the real stars are. After all, your best sellers are deemed “best sellers” for a reason!

Instill DEAL FOMO as often as possible
Okay, “Deal FOMO” may be a term I just made up, but it is truly a thing! If one of your favorite brands is running a 50% off sale, handing out free shipping, or including a surprise gift with your next purchase, you DO NOT want to miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of these special offers.

Create style guides
Being in the fashion marketing industry, pairing shoes, clothing, and accessories might feel like an easy and natural thing to you. However, your audience likely does not have the same level of fashion ease. To help your shoppers look their best, create style guides. These will not only serve as helpful, educational tools for shoppers—they will also be great tools to use on your websites, email marketing campaigns, and social ads. With all the potential uses, creating some well-put together style guides is definitely worth the effort!

Use video whenever possible
It is not secret that video is hot, hot, hot. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who do not! So if you are not using video, then get on the video marketing train! There are so many ways to use video in the fashion world. Whether it be modeling your best sellers, showing off your Summer collection, or giving a sneak peak into a new line. Video marketing can be helpful for social media ads, your website, email marketing campaigns, and the list goes on.

If you are not using the power of remarketing, YOU NEED TO BE! Why? Because remarketing allows you to capture recent visitors who left for some reason or another. Whether that’s an abandoned shopping cart, a blog drop-off, or a new visitor who did not explore your new line of summer sandals, those users are opportunities. Remarketing is an effective way to say, “Hey there! Remember me? Come on back, and I’ll show you exactly what you want

Launch a social contest
Social media contests are a great way to get your audience involved with your brand. They can also be critical in expanding your reach to a new set of potential customers. A contest can be as simple as tagging a few friends, sharing your post, or using your branded hashtag. Or, you could make it more complex, like the one below, which requires you to make a purchase to enter.

Run compelling email marketing campaigns
Email marketing is a critical tool for any fashion marketer. Make sure you have a robust email campaign strategy in place to regularly communicate with leads about special offers, sales, new styles, or popular items that are back in stock. Automating your email flow tied to specific behavior will help improve relevancy; For instance, if someone completes a certain purchase that leads you to believe they would be interested in a specific upsell, then enter them into an email flow that prompts that purchase.

A/B Test ad copy, email subject lines, and other content
A/B testing is a great way to take your fashion marketing strategy to a new level of success. Running A/B tests is a simple and effective way to determine what resonates best with audience members. While you should A/B tests several components of a campaign, make sure to focus on one component at a time. For instance, A/B test your email subject lines to see which gets the best open rates. Once you’ve found a winner, then A/B test the video thumbnails in your email to see which one is clicked on most.

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